Exploring Summerland BC

If you are looking for a community wherein there are plenty of orchards, vineyards, beaches, and history to the table, consider visiting or living in this Okanagan community that is an ideal warm-weather haven. It is the perfect place for those people, especially families who love ornamental plants as you will enjoy the stunning gardens in which you can glimpse magnificent views and is well-known for its bottleneck drive which is a system of roads that connects different wineries. This short article gives you information all about this lovely place called Summerland.


Summerland is a small community nestled in the valley of Okanagan between the cities of Kelowna and Penticton. It is a small town located on the west side of the lake of Okanagan situated in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. This place is between Penticton to the south and Peachland to the north. Kelowna is the largest center in the region which is estimated 50 kilometers to the north.


Summerland has a humid climate having cool winters and hot, dry summers. The mean annual temperature of the major valleys is estimated to be at 10 degrees centigrade or 50 degrees Fahrenheit with a winter mean of -3.5 degrees centigrade and summer mean of 21 degrees centigrade or 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold weather normally lasts in a few weeks and during winter months is usually very temperate while you often see drought having high temperatures in the daytime and cool temperatures at nighttime during the summer months. Since the place is situated on a natural beach, it stays warm at night.

Moving to Summerland

Summerland becomes popular because of its location that is situated on sandy beaches and Okanagan Lake. It is a destination for the 3 major population centers in Canada like Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver. Both tourist attractions and tourism and tourist attractions are important industries in this place. Its agriculture that features fresh tree fruits like cherries, apples, peaches, pears, and apricots was the main economic engine of the community until the 20th century. For more than 20 years, Summerland has become an ideal home to different world-renowned wineries and even if it has a semi-arid climate, the place has various golf courses. Summerland is also the home of historic railways like Kettle Valley Steam wherein it will take tourists on a trip around the Dale Meadows region and will end up at the well-known Creek of Trout Trestle.


Summerland is a true four-season place, wherein most people and visitors normally pick up and visiting is during the summer season. Some of the summer activities you can enjoy are by having fun in the water like you can rent a boat, jet-ski, kayak, from their Waterfront Resort, or you can play at the stunning Sun-Oka Beach. or get physical activities by taking part in 1 of the 3 Action Festival sporting events, or just kick back and enjoy 3 days of festivities and music instead. You can also experience their Bluegrass Festival and unwind by having a weekend of live music and wine at the Bottleneck Drive’s Heard.


This place is home to one of the largest wine industries in Canada. Many of Summerland’s wineries are being connected by the famous ‘Bottleneck Drive.’ in which well-known wineries are located such as the Sumac Ridge, Summergate, Giant Head, Sleeping Giant, Dirty Laundry, Thornhaven, SilkScarf, Heaven’s gate, Estate Thurn, and 8th generation.

Sumac Ridge Weekend Wine and Food Experience
You can enjoy a seated wine & have a food pairing experience during weekends from November up to February. They have a various theme each month that features a flight of 5 wines with flawlessly paired food bites made by famous chefs.


The public school system in Summerland is being operated by the School District 67 (Okanagan Skawho) wherein it operates 2 elementary schools the Trout Creek and Giants Head, 1 middle school which is the Summerland Middle) and 1 school in the secondary which is the Summerland Secondary School. Summerland has 2 private schools which are the Unisus and Montessori schools.